Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Woven Together

This month I attended my annual conference.  The theme was woven together and we had works of art displayed around the room highlighting this theme.  At the front of the Conference room there was a big collage with almost 200 pieces that were put together throughout the week using materials from the different locations people in my org. serve in.  At first the task seemed daunting, but when everyone chipped in and did 10-20 minutes’ worth of collage making, by the 5th day the entire piece was done.  Here it is below.

Another amazing piece was a tapestry made of cloth materials from 9 different locations.  The professional artist, Annika, started the weaving but then the rest of us were encouraged to weave during worshp times or throughout the day.  A few days in this stunning work of art was created. 

I love this piece not only because it is beautiful but I feel like it is so symbolic of the Kingdom.  We have people from numerous backgrounds/histories with passions, gifts, skills, and abilities that are as diverse as possible.  If you put it under a microscope, various parts might not look like they fit together.  However, when you pull back into the entire tapestry that is His Kingdom, you see how much we all need each other and how we were created to work together and depend upon each other.

Though none of the fabrics on the piece were created by a fabric artist to be a perfect match to material produced across the world, under the skill hand of the artist it become a master piece.  I think one of my big take away from this year’s conference is how dependent we need to be upon each other.  I might have another person’s calling, but they have principles and teachings that I can learn from to be a better servant in my own area.  Life is more beautiful with variety. 

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